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The Knoops concept is based around our carefully curated percentage menu which offers chocolates to suit every taste and mood. We find joy in helping you to discover your perfect chocolate drink, and encourage experimentation with different % chocolates and flavours in a process we call ‘Knoopology’. This process is simple; choose your chocolate %, milk, and extra flavours like sea salt, orange zest or chilli to be made into a hot chocolate, milkshake or iced chocolate.

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Our menu has about 20 different % chocolates, all of which are available as hot chocolates, and 6 of which are available as milkshakes. All chocolates that are 54% and above are vegan, and we have a selection of plant-based milks to choose from.

Our full menu here is also available in all stores so you can browse before you visit.

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In 1958, a group of engineering students managed to hoist an Austin Seven car onto the roof of Senate House, with the help of some clever calculations. It took the university a week to remove it – and will surely go down in history as one of the boldest student pranks ever!