Cycling Routes
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Cycling Routes

Cambridge, known for its flat terrain and bike-friendly infrastructure, offers an ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts. Here's a quick overview of visiting cycling routes in and around Cambridge. Remember to check the condition of your chosen route, especially if you're venturing into rural areas. With its cycling-friendly atmosphere and a variety of scenic routes, Cambridge is a fantastic destination for both casual and avid cyclists.

Cambridge Cycle Maps

Click here to view maps for the cycle routes within the city and surrounding areas.

Cambridge City Cycling

The city itself is highly bike-friendly, with dedicated cycling lanes, paths, and bike racks throughout.

Explore historic landmarks like the Cambridge University colleges, the River Cam, and the bustling city center while pedaling through the well-marked cycling routes.

Cambridge to Ely

For a longer ride, consider cycling from Cambridge to the historic city of Ely. The approximately 17-mile route takes you through picturesque countryside, passing by quaint villages and open fields.

Ely is known for its stunning cathedral and riverside views, making it a rewarding destination for cyclists.

Cambridge to Anglesey Abbey 

Take a cycling journey to Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property with beautiful gardens and historic architecture.

The route takes you through scenic countryside, providing an opportunity to explore the abbey grounds and enjoy a peaceful ride.

Grantchester Meadows 

A popular cycling route takes you along the scenic Grantchester Meadows, providing a picturesque ride along the River Cam.

The route offers a tranquil escape from the city, with opportunities for a relaxing break in the charming village of Grantchester.


Wandlebury Country Park

Located just south of Cambridge, Wandlebury Country Park offers a network of cycling trails through woodlands, meadows, and around the park’s Iron Age Hillfort.

Cyclists can enjoy the natural beauty and historical features while following designated paths suitable for various skill levels.


Did you know?

One of the oldest surviving buildings in Cambridge is the Leper Chapel on Newmarket Road. Also known as the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, it dates back to the 12th century and was originally used as a place to isolate victims of leprosy.