Meet our Welcoming City Ambassadors!

Meet our Welcoming City Ambassadors!

Say hello to our professional & passionate City Ambassadors, who are available within the City Centre every day of the year to help, advise & guide users around Cambridge. The Ambassadors welcome nearly 60,000 visitors to Cambridge every year, answering queries and giving out free maps.

Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to welcome you to the city and give out free maps for your visit. So make sure you say hello if you see them!
Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to welcome you to the city and give out free maps for your visit. So make sure you say hello if you see them!

Meet Taj

Taj is the head of the Cambridge City Ambassador team; a polyglot speaking 8 languages with an academic background and avid interest in history, social linguistics, cultural anthropology and sustainable tourism. Taj started his professional journey as trekking tour guide to the great Hindukush-Himalayas and has extensively travelled, studied and worked in several countries before falling in love with Cantabrigia.

What Taj says about Cambridge:

“Imagine a place where you can meet visitors from every corner of the earth! Cambridge is culturally and linguistically probably the most diverse visitor destination in the world. Welcoming and directing this varied pool of visitors makes this job very special, unusual and interesting. I am in love with Cambridge - it’s a magical place to be, a solitary walk along the River Cam is going to melt your heart.’’

Meet Haydn

Haydn comes from a background of creative writing and Journalism, which, by his own admission, can often be an insular pass-time. Having always gravitated towards roles that provide help and support to others, becoming a Cambridge City Ambassador was an obvious choice. His favourite thing about Cambridge is the people, of course.

What Haydn says about Cambridge:

“For me, Cambridge has always stood apart from other towns and cities around the world and for a few simple reasons. Firstly, the sheer amount of history and endeavour scrawled on every street and present in every college is testament alone of the town’s immense importance. I’m not just talking about sciences and literature, either, but also the performing arts world of alfresco Shakespeare recitals or the exemplary satire that’s consistently pumped out by the Cambridge Footlights, to name just a couple. Cambridge is far more than a sum of its parts and a visit is essential. When you do, the Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to help.”

Meet Sacha

Sacha has a background in Anthropology and has a lot of experience with guided tours as she used to work all over England and parts of Europe providing tours to people! Her favourite thing about Cambridge is how unique it is compared to most cities, the history, culture and combination of everything that has shaped what it is today, it’s the perfect place to explore without the rush!

What Sacha says about Cambridge:

“As a city of CULTURE in all respects, Cambridge represents the quintessential heritage, knowledge and community of Britain. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to share my love for Cambridge with both locals and visitors alike whilst I discover new hidden corners of Cambridge every day.”


Did you know?

Not many pubs can claim to have served a man a pint just after he’d discovered the secret of life itself, but The Eagle can! It was in this city centre pub that scientists Francis Crick and James Watson announced their discovery of DNA in the 1953.