Meet our Welcoming City Ambassadors!

Meet our Welcoming City Ambassadors!

Say hello to our professional & passionate City Ambassadors, who are available within the City Centre every day of the year to help, advise & guide users around Cambridge. The Ambassadors welcome nearly 60,000 visitors to Cambridge every year, answering queries and giving out free maps.

Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to welcome you to the city and give out free maps for your visit. So make sure you say hello if you see them!
Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to welcome you to the city and give out free maps for your visit. So make sure you say hello if you see them!

Meet Taj

Taj is the head of the Cambridge City Ambassador team; a polyglot speaking 8 languages with an academic background and avid interest in history, social linguistics, cultural anthropology and sustainable tourism. Taj started his professional journey as trekking tour guide to the great Hindukush-Himalayas and has extensively travelled, studied and worked in several countries before falling in love with Cantabrigia.

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What Taj says about Cambridge:

“Imagine a place where you can meet visitors from every corner of the earth! Cambridge is culturally and linguistically probably the most diverse visitor destination in the world. Welcoming and directing this varied pool of visitors makes this job very special, unusual and interesting. I am in love with Cambridge - it’s a magical place to be, a solitary walk along the River Cam is going to melt your heart.’’

Meet Haydn

Haydn comes from a background of creative writing and Journalism, which, by his own admission, can often be an insular pass-time. Having always gravitated towards roles that provide help and support to others, becoming a Cambridge City Ambassador was an obvious choice. His favourite thing about Cambridge is the people, of course.

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What Haydn says about Cambridge:

“For me, Cambridge has always stood apart from other towns and cities around the world and for a few simple reasons. Firstly, the sheer amount of history and endeavour scrawled on every street and present in every college is testament alone of the town’s immense importance. I’m not just talking about sciences and literature, either, but also the performing arts world of alfresco Shakespeare recitals or the exemplary satire that’s consistently pumped out by the Cambridge Footlights, to name just a couple. Cambridge is far more than a sum of its parts and a visit is essential. When you do, the Cambridge City Ambassadors are here to help.”

Meet Alessandro

Alessandro has a background in security and tourism. Prior to joining the Cambridge Ambassadors team, he worked as a Welcome Ambassador in London. It was during this time that Alessandro decide, as exciting as London is, Cambridge was where he wanted to be.

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What Alessandro says about Cambridge:

"Moving to Cambridge was an ideal choice for me as the city encompasses everything I find fascinating. I find myself immersed in historical city education and architectural marvel, with beautiful skies, a vibrant river, and peaceful green spaces. It’s phenomenal how relaxed, friendly and curios visitors are when they arrive here. Then there are the various authentic Italian coffee shops, ice cream parlours and eateries that add a little taste of my home country to the Cambridge experience. It’s a truly wonderful place."

Meet Peter

Peter taught English in several countries in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. He also travelled extensively whenever the opportunity arose. On returning to the UK, Peter decided to make Cambridge his new home and joined the Ambassador team.

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What Peter says about Cambridge:

"Cambridge has something for everyone. My perfect day in Cambridge would start with a stroll around the colleges, a walk along the Backs and a visit to the Fitzwilliam. You might, of course, prefer to see the sights from the relative comfort of a punt or the hop on hop off bus. For me, it is hard to beat a walk along the Cam to Grantchester, which is idyllic in the summer. You can then reward yourself with tea at the famous Orchard Tea Gardens. Why not end the day by taking in a Shakespeare play at one of the colleges or relaxing with a drink on the rooftop terrace at the Varsity hotel? Whatever you do, you are sure to leave Cambridge enriched and rejuvenated, eager to return."


Did you know?

Take a wander around Cambridge between spring and autumn and you might be greeted by the sight of cattle roaming freely in parks and green spaces.