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Film and TV Locations

Cambridge, with its historic charm and picturesque surroundings, has served as a backdrop for various film and TV productions over the years. While not as extensively filmed as some other cities, Cambridge boasts several notable locations that have featured in popular movies and television shows. Here's an overview of some famous film and TV locations in Cambridge.

Ely Cathedral

With its unique 14th century octagonal lantern tower, Ely Cathedral is counted among the wonders of the medieval world. Much of the Cathedral is over 900 years old and it offers a rich architectural and historical experience, including the sumptuous 13th century Quire and beautiful 14th century Lady Chapel, the largest in the UK.

This magnificent Norman structure in the historic riverside city of Ely stood in for Westminster Abbey on the wedding day of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. It has also starred in The Other Boleyn Girl, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and The King’s Speech.

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Located around a 40-minute walk from the city centre, Grantchester makes a perfect day trip from Cambridge. As well as its TV fame, Grantchester is an idyllic old English village to spend time in.


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Sidney Sussex College

Channel 4 series Porterhouse Blue, which originally aired in 1987, used Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge as a primary filming location.

The series is a satirical comedy set in the fictional Porterhouse College, a fictional Cambridge college closely modeled after various real Cambridge colleges, including Sidney Sussex. The filming of Porterhouse Blue involved using various locations around Cambridge, including Sidney Sussex College, to depict the fictional college and its surroundings. The series explores the eccentricities and traditions of academic life within an Oxbridge college setting.

Trinity College

Scenes from The Theory of Everything were filmed here.

Trinity College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge, located in Cambridge, England. It is renowned for its academic excellence across a wide range of disciplines, including science, humanities, and social sciences. Trinity has a rich history and has produced numerous notable alumni, including Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Byron, and Stephen Hawking.

The Theory of Everything is a biographical romantic drama film directed by James Marsh, released in 2014. The film portrays the life of the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and his relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde. Trinity College features prominently in the film as it was where Hawking pursued his studies and made groundbreaking scientific discoveries. The filmmakers used various locations within Trinity College to recreate the settings where significant events in Hawking’s life took place, including lecture halls, courtyards, and the famous Wren Library. The film received critical acclaim for its performances, particularly Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of Stephen Hawking, and for its sensitive depiction of Hawking’s struggles with motor neuron disease and his scientific achievements.

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Did you know?

With over 800 years of history, tread in the footsteps of many famous faces, including Charles Darwin, James Watson and France Crick, Rosalind Franklin, Sylvia Plath and Professor Stephen Hawking.