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Azahar Flamenco Dance Company from Spain, Rebeca Ortega

AZAHAR - Flamenco Dance Company from Spain, Rebeca Ortega. Dancer: Rebeca Ortega from Seville, Spain Singer: Natalia Marín from Seville, Spain Guitarist: Ramón Ruiz, from Granada, Spain

  • 25th June 2023 - 25th June 2023
  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

From the deepest roots of flamenco, this dan show is born, shaped by the luminosity of the alegrías, the depth of the taranto, the rhythms of the tangos and bulerías and the jondura of the soleá and the farruca.

Like the newly germinated seed that is nourished by the dewdrops, this work is the sensorial path that blossoms like azahar from the lament of the traces of the past towards the uncertain and graceful future.

Passion, strength and the extraordinary flight of her hands are in perfect harmony with the elegance and the sensuality of the most authentic flamenco dance.

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