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Infusion Physical Theatre

Dance theatre, multi media and brain chemistry. Fun, emotive, off-balance show for the whole family

  • 24th March 2024 - 24th March 2024
  • 4:30 pm

Dive into the pre-frontal cortex for an off-balance, fun, emotive dance exploration of the three modes of emotional regulation: threat, drive, soothe. Award winning Infusion Physical Theatre looks at adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin in a multimedia dance show for all ages.

This 4-cast ensemble brings to life the movement of mental well-being in a thoughtful and rambunctious examination of hormones that push, pull and drag us through life. Combining contemporary dance and multimedia, Infusion weaves together non-traditional partnering and original music to follow the cravings of a post-lockdown society eager for recovery.

Special guests Professor Nicola Clayton FRS and Mark Baldwin OBE introduce the events.

Then unpack the science with post-show talk by world leading researchers Professors Ljiljana Fruk (Bionano Engineering) and David Belin (Psychology) as they discuss their work on these hormones and answer questions from the audience.

Multimedia by Fruk Laboratories Artist-in-Residence Diana Scarborough

Original music by Esteba Zuñiga

Made possible by the Royal Society of Chemistry.






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