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Meditations for Mental Peace

Join us for this one hour class on mental clarity and inner peace. Take time out to relax and reflect. Buddhist nun Kelsang Malaya will guide meditations and share simple ways to find peace in your everyday life. Suitable for all levels of experience, everyone is welcome.

  • 11th November 2022
  • 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Our problems are like bad weather in the mind, our delusions like clouds in the sky. We all know that when the storms disappear and the clouds fade away, the sky becomes clear, still and bright. We don’t have to make the sky like that. It is like that, always, before and after the storms and clouds. In the same way our mind always has the potential to be peaceful, clear and positive. That is its true nature. We don’t have to force peace into our mind. We just have to understand our own mind and how to uncover its natural potential. We will learn how to stop identifying with our mental bad weather and instead with the innate clarity our mind. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to gain a deeper experience of meditation. Seating will be on chairs and no special equipment is required. Everyone is welcome!


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