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Meetings Without Masks

This is a singles workshop designed to bring out true intimacy, and authentic and genuine connection between participants.

  • 30th September 2023 - 30th September 2023
  • 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Are you looking for love, connection, intimacy and relationship? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person?

Have you tried dating apps, speed dating or the singles scene and not found what you are looking for? Do you want more but not quite sure how to find it?

It can be tough to make real connections in our fast and busy lives. Work, pubs, clubs and the dating industry can feel like a marketplace. So where and how do we find and meet each other in an authentic and intimate way?

Why not try a different approach?

MEETINGS WITHOUT MASKS may be the answer.

This is a singles workshop designed to bring out true intimacy, and authentic and genuine connection between participants.

  • The group will be gender balanced
  • There will be fun and creative exercises to help you relax and enjoy
  • There will be partnered exercises where you will learn relationship skills
  • There will be one-on-one exercises to develop intimacy
  • You will feel seen and experience opportunities to really see the other

Meeting Without Masks has been running for over 10 years and has been a great success among people looking for love, connection, intimacy and relationship.

It is also a truly magical experience and a great opportunity to enjoy, explore, laugh, expand, and risk being open and human and alive.


1. What if the workshop can’t run?

If for any reason this event is cancelled by the organisers, you will be refunded the full amount you paid for your ticket!

2. What are the lunch arrangements?

Please bring a packed lunch. The venue is in central Cambridge: there are plenty cafes and shops close by.

3. What is the age range?

Typically participants’ ages are in the range of 30-60 with some younger and older. It’s not  speed dating; this is a gentle workshop where we meet other singles as well as learn skills for dating and relating.

4. What if I’m nervous?

Almost everyone is a little nervous when they arrive. It’s very natural for a singles event. The morning is carefully structured so that by lunchtime you’ll be feeling much more relaxed.

Early Bird £45

Full Price £75


In order to get a gender balance on the day, there is an intricate ticketing system!

Here is a description of the different tickets and the cancellation policy which applies to each.

The event is designed for all single people.  If you don’t identify as cis-gender or heterosexual you are welcome.  Please contact Sarah or Piyush to discuss how to get the most from the day.

Women’s ticket & Men’s ticket

These are the tickets to buy if you want to guarantee your place. For these full price guaranteed-place tickets:

  • Tickets cancelled by the purchaser 15 days or more before the event would be refunded in full minus £15 admin fee
  • Tickets cancelled within 15 days of the event would be forfeited i.e no refund available unless a suitable replacement should be found, in which case a refund could be made, minus £25 admin fee

Standby tickets are available so cheaply because you may not know whether or not you will get a place until as late as the evening before the event! You would be refunded in full if there were no place available on the day.

About Sarah Maughan
Sarah initially trained in psychology and has worked in education as a researcher, a developer and as a group facilitator.  She has followed a personal and spiritual development journey for the last 12 years, focusing on making connections with herself, and on intimacy and relating with others.  As part of this journey Sarah trained with and assisted Jan Day for over 10 years.  Having left her full-time role two years ago, Sarah is bringing together the two different aspects of her life: her expertise and experience with learning, development and group facilitation, and her interest and trainings in intimacy, relationship and connection.

About Piyush Ahuja
Piyush read philosophy at Oxford and brings experience from both academic and embodied philosophy. He is driven by the philosophy of authenticity and questions in the metaphysics of self, soul, and consciousness that have a deep sense of mystery and magic: we say “be yourself”, but how can we possibly fail to be ourselves? How do we get in our own way? How does our vital life force work, and what causes it to diminish or flourish? Are there extra-sensory perceptions, and how can they be cultivated? Piyush is passionate about integrating academic philosophy and embodied philosophical practices such as movement, meditation, touch, and breathwork.

About Jan Day
Relationship expert, spiritual teacher, and Living Tantra teacher. Jan Day has been teaching and leading workshops in Europe and Hawaii since 1999. She brings extraordinary warmth and compassion to her work in groups, with individuals and with couples focussing on intimacy, sexuality, self-love, and growing consciousness. She creates a learning environment where people can get a vital education in communicating effectively, creating authentic intimate long-lasting relationships, understanding themselves and their sexual nature, and how to find a warm-hearted and healthy expression of their sensual nature.

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