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Sankalpa with Sinead Duffy – create intention through the use of fragrance

British Wheel of Yoga event with Yogandha founder Sinead Duffy using the sense of smell through essential oils with affirmations to improve focus.

  • 15th April 2023 - 15th April 2023
  • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Smell is your superpower for mindful intention

Most mindful practices aim to quiet the busy front part of the thinking brain and in doing so, connect with the older, more meditative back-brain. But what not many mindful practitioners are aware of is that all of our five senses pass through the front brain, except one – the sense of smell.

In fact, the sense of smell directly accesses the older, more meditative back brain – the part we try to connect with in meditation and mindfulness. This is why sacred smells have been used in all meditative traditions ever recorded. Smell has an instant effect on the mind and can bring us into a meditative and mindful state like no other sense.

Because the sense of smell’s unfiltered access to the subconscious mind it has an incredible impact on intention or “sankalpa”. It’s possible to anchor a certain fragrance with a certain attitude, emotion or behaviour. Combining intention and affirmation with smell ensures that the words carry a much higher vibration and support intention.

Meet Yogandha founder Sinead Duffy to learn how to combine essential oils with affirmations. Understand for yourself how powerful is the combo of smell with affirmation.https://yogandha.com/

Oils will be available to buy on the day at discounted prices or feel free to bring your own.

The event is brough to you by the Eastern Region of the British Wheel of Yoga https://www.bwy.org.uk/eastern/



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