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Whisky in the Family – Whisky Tasting

Everyone is welcome to this whisky tasting on Father's Day afternoon. Duo tickets are available. The theme is whiskies with a family heritage. 18+

  • 16th June 2024 - 16th June 2024
  • 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Whisky is big business and has been for well over a century, in some cases. While it certainly isn’t required, many in the industry are driven by a real passion for sharing their creations with the world. As is often the case, passion like that can’t be contained to just one person; growing and maintaining a business becomes a family undertaking, sometimes across many generations.

At this tasting, I’ll be presenting samples from 6 whiskies where family is an ingredient and heritage is in the blood as well as the bottle. 

A guided whisky tasting:
All are welcome to attend the event, whether you consider yourself a whisky expert or haven’t explored it at all. The evening will start with an introduction to the event and the first whisky, explaining a bit about why I’ve chosen it. We’ll share some nosing and tasting notes and then I’ll let you enjoy the whisky with your friends and fellow guests. After a short while this process will repeat for each of the remaining whiskies. I’ll be happy to try and answer any questions about the whiskies, the process of making them and the industry at any point.

Attendance is strictly 18 and over.

About me:
My philosophy with whisky is that there’s no wrong way to enjoy it. Neat, with water, with ice, blended, smokey, sweet, from Scotland or Japan or Mexico! Everyone should be able to enjoy tasting and smelling what they taste and smell however they choose.
I’ve been hosting whisky tastings in Cambridge for nearly 5 years. Mostly this has been as a part of the Cambridge University Whisky Appreciation Society but, since last year, I have branched out to reach a wider audience to share this wonderful spirit with. After studying in Scotland and continuing to explore the world of whisky in the years since, from Cambridge, I really enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others and find that there’s always more whisky to try.

To see a bit more check out my linktree.

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Did you know?

First World War poet Rupert Brooke studied at King’s College, Cambridge, and spent time living in Grantchester. He was so enamoured with the Cambridgeshire village he penned one of his most famous works, The Old Vicarage, about his home there.