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Cambridge Museum of Technology

Home of our industrial heritage, based in the city’s historic sewage pumping station next to the river Cam.

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Cambridge Museum of Technology is the home of our industrial heritage. Based in the city’s historic sewage pumping station, the Museum helps people to explore, enjoy, and learn about their industrial heritage by celebrating the achievements of local industries and the people who worked in them. The large site on the River Cam has green spaces for picnics and a fun, relaxed atmosphere for families. There are audio-visual displays, hands-on exhibits, and children’s activities, as well as traditional museum displays and historic buildings.

The Victorian Pumping Station with its original machinery showcases 19th-century engineering and technology. Displays on the forgotten industries of Cambridge reveal an alternative side of the city’s history to the famous colleges. And the story is brought into the 20th Century with exhibitions on innovative local companies such as Pye and Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company.

Hospitality is provided by our on-site partners with fabulous Coffee, Craft beers and woodfired pizza.


Did you know?

The city’s name is known around the world, but it wasn’t always called Cambridge. In the Middle Ages it was known as Grantabridge, meaning the bridge over the river Granta (one of the sources of the River Cam).