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Welcome to Harold and Charles where we sell interesting and wonderful decorative items for your home and office as well as amazing items for you. We have been collecting and selling items for many years to customers ranging from collectors, interior designers to prop companies and to places as far as Australia and the USA. Over the years we have sold a wide range of things from ships searchlights to mountain cable cars. We don’t just sell antique or vintage items but also products that we love and use ourselves. For us it’s not just about the product but the people and story behind them. This is what makes product that you find in our store unique and special. To learn more about the products and people behind them visit We are also on etsy visit us here

We’re based in central Cambridge and work from our hidden store cupboard.

Did you know?

With over 800 years of history, tread in the footsteps of many famous faces, including Charles Darwin, James Watson and France Crick, Rosalind Franklin, Sylvia Plath and Professor Stephen Hawking.