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La Dante in Cambridge is a not-for-profit cultural association and is part of the international organization “La Società Dante Alighieri”, which was founded in 1889 and has 500 offices worldwide. Our aim here in Cambridge is to promote knowledge and enjoyment of the Italian, Spanish, and English languages and culture, and to bring together like-minded people who want to learn more about what these beautiful countries have to offer. Our approach is to create a unique blend of learning language and culture at the same time, which research shows are the quickest way to achieve a higher level of language proficiency.

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First of all, At La Dante in Cambridge, we run Spanish Online Courses only with native Spanish speakers, trained and qualified teachers. All our teachers are from Spain or South America, and they use a communicative approach, to push you to speak as more as you can. We run small classes, in order to ensure a higher level of individual attention to every student.

Furthermore, since we are a Cultural Centre, along with the Spanish online languages courses, we offer for free to all our students, several cultural and social events such as Free Conversation Classes, Free cooking classes, Online Aperitif, Webinars, and much more! We give you lots of opportunities to improve your Spanish language and socialize with other Spanish speakers!

In addition to this, we have been recognized as DELE (Spanish diplomas) Examination Centre by the Instituto Cervantes, running language exams for every level, from A1 to C2, and even for citizenship! La Dante in Cambridge it’s also a member of the FEDELE association (Federation of Spanish schools abroad) which allow us to provide with our students, much more materials and opportunities to practice and improve their Spanish skills

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With over 800 years of history, tread in the footsteps of many famous faces, including Charles Darwin, James Watson and France Crick, Rosalind Franklin, Sylvia Plath and Professor Stephen Hawking.