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Scott’s All Day

Easygoing restaurant offering brunch, sourdough pizzas & local beer.

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On Mill Road’s most bustling corner, Scott’s All Day is a neighbourhood pizzeria. The bright and airy room, carved from two century old shop fronts with huge windows on two sides. It’s been stripped back inside to reveal original features and create a comfortable, casual space.

‘Scott’ is Scott Holden who moved to Cambridge in 2013 to manage Fitzbillies, after running some of London’s best casual restaurants (The Pig and Butcher, Smokehouse and Heirloom). In Cambridge, Scott and his family lived off Mill Road, growing to love the area’s rich food scene. When the opportunity came to open his dream neighbourhood cafe, it could only be on one street.

Scott has travelled widely, working in Vancouver and New York, running a low and slow BBQ restaurant and obsessively checking out every diner, deli and corner joint from Brooklyn to the Bronx. The quirky neighbourhood restaurants and diversity of great tasting quick food helped shape his ideas for Scott’s. Just like those cosy dives embedded in New York’s avenues, Scott wanted to build a home-from-home for locals with friendly faces and comforting dishes.

“Cambridge is a great place for food right now, says Scott, and there are amazing suppliers in the countryside all around, but I reckon there’s something more. Mill Road is our greatest food asset – tremendous ingredients from all over the world, a cosmopolitan crowd and a particular attitude I really recognise – a kind of feisty community pride”.

“At Scott’s All Day, we get our bread baked fresh from our own bakery. Beer will come from Calverley’s Brewery – the kegs will be rolled the 200m down Kingston Street – and our sourdough pizza toppings will come from the brilliant shops of Mill Road”.


Did you know?

One of Cambridge University’s most famous traditions is May Week, which actually takes place in early June. Heralding the end of the academic year, it’s a time when students enjoy lavish balls and garden parties before dispersing for the summer.