Parks & Open Spaces

Parks & Open Spaces

Cambridge truly is a green city – the natural fen landscape flows right into the centre along the river Cam, cows grazing within sight of Kings College Chapel. You can picnic under the trees along The Backs and admire the stunning displays of flowering bulbs in Spring, or while away the hours in beautifully kept College grounds and Fellows gardens.

The public parks and commons provide a paradise for children with play equipment, football pitches and tennis courts.

Riverside parks, grassy commons, cool meadows and flower-filled gardens shape the city as much as its history and heritage.

Parks are plentiful. Jesus Green, close to Jesus College, is a green space in the city centre. The River Cam brushes its northern edge and an avenue of London plane trees provides a leafy canopy over footpaths.

Parker’s Piece is an open space used by locals to lounge around and play football and cricket on the grass; it is famous as the place where, in 1848, students agreed a set of simple guidelines for football which were to influence the development of the Football Association rules.

Midsummer Common is an ancient area of grassland bordered by the River Cam, where you can see the boathouses of the Colleges of the University and watch the rowers on the water.


Did you know?

The first game of football, as we know it, was played in Cambridge in 1848.